Blue angles(series 2)

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Grass blades(series 1)

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James gives me a topic and i shoot it and see what i can come up with. Here is the first shoot.

Underwater love

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So today i went and picked up the under water case i got for Kelly. I also got her an extra battery pack i will post the vids soon


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I made a sco man. Provided by James Kamo

Here’s the print

All cut out

Chillin with Sticky

Chillin on Sticky


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So after i ditched Arkof in the morning we decided to get together at night for a little business talk at Panera

The view out of my car on the way to meet Arkof

He he is looking down at me in disgust

We spotted a horndog (yama) cowering in the corner behind his laptop. It was a pleasant surprise

Our numbers

When Arfof got his food he decided it would be a good idea to drool to show respect to the chef

After our business venture we too off to Irvine bowling lanes to meet up with Joey and his girlfriend Heather

Here is Charlie Sheen with his Twix bar

A action shot of me courtesy of Charlie

Action shot of Charlie courtesy of me

Joey puts so much spin on the ball it creates its own gravitational pull to suck in all the pins

Here is Heather having a go

We all had a great time

Iron Chef Kelly!

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Kelly came over and cooked some great pasta!

A lil lemon

Close up. looking good

Making the sauce

Closeup of the sauce

Ready for some garlic bread!


Perfecto! It was a great dinner

My Shining Star

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Yama gave me a call about 1:30 the other night. There was a meteor shower going on, so we went on a little adventure to Blackstar canyon.

Yama was sick. He was coughing up pieces of his lungs. This is an action shot.

While driving we saw many people stopped on the side of the road watching the show. When we finally got to our destination it was a cool 37 degrees.

Although i did not get a picture of a meteor, i did get this shot of something. There were no clouds out…so i have no clue what that is.

On our way home we stopped at doughnut star…the lady behind the counter was nice enough to throw in a couple balls to perfect my masterpiece.